Organic Bamboo Drinking Straws

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These organic bamboo drinking straws are one of the best alternatives to plastic drinking straws. To cover up any doubts:

  • Wanting to help the environment but don't know how?
  • Eliminating single-use plastic straws is a great first step. Whether you choose paper, stainless steel, glass or bamboo, you are still making a difference without having to adjust your current lifestyle.
  • Our bamboo straws originate in nature and end up in nature, making them truly 100% biodegradable! Not only beautiful, but our straws are also organic, strong and durable, contain NO inks or dyes, are sustainably grown and BPA-free. Bamboo doesn't transfer heat like Glass and stainless steel straws do, making them ideal for hot drinks, as well as a great choice for children who want to enjoy their favorite drinks without the risk of breakage.
  • READY FOR CHANGE? you’ll get a beautiful set of either 10 or 5 bamboo straws and a cleaning brush (Only with 10 Pack). Each 8-inch straw derives from a single stem of bamboo, unique in its own slight variance of color, thickness, texture, and diameter, making them ideal for all drink types from your favorite green juice or smoothie to coffee and cocktails. No pesticides or chemicals are were used while growing or making the straws. 
  • OUR PLEDGE FOR YOUR NEW JOURNEY! We know changing habits takes time, That’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase OR free replacement straws after that. If you're not completely satisfied, Just contact us directly and we will take care of you right away.