About Us


What inspired us? 

As students with little expendable income, we usually purchase the cheapest option for goods, without thinking of the environmental consequences. After meeting one another, we attended a sustainable lifestyle workshop for a class requirement, and as it turns out: that workshop was the best thing that happened to us. We learned just how big of an impact a single persons poor ethical consumer choices has on our world, and that living a sustainable lifestyle is far more affordable than one might think!  

We learned that by using eco-friendly products, we are having to consume less energy, which is not only saving the environment, but also saving us money.


 After realizing how much better it is too live a sustainable lifestyle we began to ask around our campus why no one was doing it? The most common answers were:

"It's too expensive."

"It's too difficult"

"it takes too much time to learn how to help the environment"

But all of these answers stemmed from a lack of information. After explaining to them how affordable and easy living a sustainable lifestyle is, they were shocked. We exchanged information and told them everything we knew and all our advice on starting a sustainable lifestyle. After our interviews we realized how little information has been shed on the topic of how important living sustainable was.

We are now taking the next step, and applying all of our knowledge to handpicking products that will 

1. Not change the way you live

2. Still make a positive impact on our environment 

3. Be priced so everybody can afford them!

As well as writing about how one can make a change to the environment at the comfort of their own home! All myths debunked! it's easy, and affordable!

As corny as it sounds, right after it clicked, we decided we were going to be the change and make sure to inform our community about the huge advantages to living sustainable as well as silence the misconceptions regarding sustainable living. 

While we don't claim to be 100% sustainable yet, our decision making process prioritizes decisions to be as eco-friendly as possible

So through this site, we not only have a platform for members of our community to share ideas with, but also a platform for the world to share ideas and advice to help promote our sustainable lifestyles.


Our Mission: 

We created this company to open doors for new opportunities to protect our environment and embrace living a sustainable lifestyle through the sharing of information, ideas, and experiences. We believe in Making A Change Together. As we all know, our environment is becoming increasingly fragile, due to our harmful way of life. A large part of our environmental issues caused by products we use that are harmful to the environment, all because corporations want to increase their margins. We formed this group to provide an environmentally friendly solution right to your doorstep. We aim to inform our consumers about living a sustainable lifestyle as well as cancel any misconceptions regarding sustainable lifestyles. We want to emphasize that living a sustainable lifestyle is very similar to our current one. All that is required is recycling appropriately, and using eco friendly substitutes for harm products.