Learn about who you're buying from

Learn about who you're buying from

At Eco Friendly Shop, we do more than just spread a positive message, we want to help everybody get started living a sustainable lifestyle. We are a team of college students in the U.S seeking change and knowing it starts with us. We are excited to begin a sustainable lifestyle as a community. Before diving into this project, we viewed living a sustainable lifestyle as expensive and time consuming, however, after research, we came to realize that it’s not only affordable but just as easy as living unsustainably. Many often wonder what drives us so far as to starting a company based off saving our planet.

The facts that inspire us to change:

By 2050, our existing resources will be exhausted:

Our seas will be emptied of fish, whales, sharks, and all other living creatures. 

Our forests are shrinking, they have shrunk by 12 percent in the past 30 years

Our air is polluted: 92 percent of the global population breathes unhealthy air. 1 in 8 people die from air pollution.

Our wildlife is heading towards extinction: Since 1970 humanity has wiped out 60% OF ANIMAL ALL ANIMAL POPULATION. 

Question: What can we do to save our environment and prevent any more destruction to our planet?

To make a difference, we can all practice ethical consumerism.

What is ethical consumerism?

Ethical Consumerism is buying products based off more factors than price. It is taking the initiative to ask yourself what the effect of the product has on our environment and those around us. It is being mindful of not just the upfront cost, but long term cost as well. For example, buying a reusable water bottle upfront seems costly, however it is much more affordable than buying plastic water bottles everyday for a month, let alone a year. 

Our job is to inform you of how the products you use positively impact the environment, and where / how to find them. While we do offer some of these products, our goal is to shed light on the topic of ethical consumerism and help people actively follow a more sustainable lifestyle.

The way one can start making a change, is to check out our blog and learn more about living sustainably.


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